Terry Pratchett. Maskerade. Spektakl w języku angielskim.


28.05.2017 niedz. 18:00
lokalizacja: Centrum Łowicka
cena: bezpłatne

„All is not well in the Ankh-Morpork Opera House. A ghost stalks the dark corridors, leaving strange letters for the management and … killing people. Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, two Lancre witches, investigate, and are soon involved in all kinds of skulduggery, mayhem and ear-splittingly loud singing. Quirky and original characters, a labyrinthine plot and numerous witty one-liners make this a treat for Discworld fans and ‚uninitiated’ theatregoers alike.”
Organizator – Teatr anglistyki UW “The Cheerful Hamlets”

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